Spirit Empowered Preaching

A few years ago, when I was working at the Reformation Station (for the reason for this name, read this link), my friend, Gage Browning let me listen to some tapes of a “Bunyan Conference” which included the preaching of Art Azurdia. He preached three great sermons on preaching, called “Foolish Message“, “Foolish Method“, Foolish Means.” It was a great introduction to the absolute necessity of faithfulness to Scripture in the content of the Gospel, the way it ought to be preached–namely, preaching (as opposed to twentieth & twenty-first century innovations) and the source of power which must be relied upon before preaching the Gospel would ever be successful (a hint may be found in the title of this post).

Art Azurdia is a passionate and thorough Reformed preacher. His website is called Spirit Empowered Preaching. I highly recommend his sermons and want to share his site with you where you can listen to mp3 files of many sermons covering much of Scripture. Right now, I’m listening to his introduction to Revelation.

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