Tolle Lege! Sign Up and Read! (or something like that)

With apologies to St. Augustine . . .
I got a letter in the mail today informing me of Modern Reformation’s new and improved website. There is a member side of the website for which you may register and enjoy more than you can as a nonmember. One of those perks is the entirety of every article in every issue of Modern Reformation magazine for the past several years.
A few weeks ago I blogged on the issue of Solo Scriptura. In that post, I included some excerpts of an article from the March/April 2007 issue, entitled, “Solo Scriptura: The Difference a Vowel Makes.” Back when I posted, I really wished that I could share with you the entire article without violating any copyright laws, and now I can! If you are interested in learning more about the historical devolution of the Protestant doctrine of Sola Scriptura, then do yourself a favor and sign up for free and read, read, read!

2 responses

  1. Christian West | Reply

    And I though I read a lot! You must not have anything to do but read. Surely your job, your wife, your kids, your Church, keep you busy doing other things. Do you just read all night, or what?

  2. John D. Chitty | Reply


    There’s a reason that one of my mottoes is, “You can’t get any good reading done except at the expense of the rest of your life.”
    But I’m not going to say what that reason is . . .

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