Al Dager Responds!

I communicated with Al Dager, just so I would not be talking about him behind his back. Understandably, he is apparently not motivated to engage in dialogue in the comments thread. I’m sure he’s a busy man, and not disposed to this whole blogging thing. Most of my readers aren’t. But that’s okay. I am posting Al Dager’s email to me so that in this way you get to see what he has to say in his own defense.

Dear John,
Just to let you know, I am not Arminian or Pentecostal. Because one believes that the gifts of the Spirit are still operative does not make one a Pentecostal. Pentecostals focus on the gift of tongues, particularly as evidence of one’s salvation. You should know better. I have never studied Arminian, but I sense that he has been much maligned byReform theologians because of their intractable insistence on all things Calvinistic. Shame on them. I’ve done my in-depth study on the issue of eternal security and have found nothing you or anyone else has said to be viable from a biblical perspective to refute it. Continue believing as you wish. Rots-a-ruck wit dat.

In Jesus’ love,

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