Summaries of Sovereign Synergism

Today I experienced a moment of clarity when I was sharing the doctrines of grace with a young Christian at work. Thought I’d share it with you. Hope you find it edifying.

Romans 8:28-9:33

Vs. 8:28-30 The “golden chain” of sovereign works of grace done by God for the “called according to his purpose.” Notice the past tense of even the future “glorification.” If any of it happened to the professing believer, then all of it certainly will.
Vs. 8:31-39 Underscores the security in Christ of God’s elect.
Vs. 9:1-24 The fact of God’s sovereign (9:15-16), unconditional election (9:11) explains how God remains faithful to his covenant with Israel even though so many Jews have rejected Christ (9:6-8). In short, Gentiles who are called “according to his purpose,” if you will, are included among those God chose to redeem in Christ (9:24). Unbelieving Jews are not among God’s elect.
Vs. 9:25-33 The Old Testament basis for including the Gentiles of the world in the number of God’s chosen people.


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