More Discussion on Head and Heart

While Piper’s list on the Head and the Heart was springboarded from a quote by Andrew Murray . . . On “The White Horse Inn,” February 4, 2007, Ken Jones, Michael Horton and Kim Riddlebarger take the whole distinction between Head and Heart “head on!”

Ken Jones: When you see the twofold definition of truthfulness, you can really see how it applies to Christianity: what is true is based on what I feel and what I desire. But what’s cluttering the religious airwaves. . . messages that center on a feeling or try to instill a feeling within you, or messages that center on what you desire.

Michael Horton: So when people say, “You know, preaching has to go to the heart.” We have to say, “Well, yes, that’s true, but–“

Ken Jones: The fallen corrupt heart!

Michael Horton: Yeah, what is the heart? Who gets to define it?

Kim Riddlebarger: Biblically speaking, the heart has to follow the head, and the problem is, and the work of Satan is in this age, it seems to me, is to separate head from heart. That’s exactly the point! That’s what Paul warned us about repeatedly!

Amen, Brothers!


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  1. YES! LOVE THAT! White Horse Inn is such a blessing.

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