My Reformation Sunday Presentation Delivered Two Years Ago, Part Two

Here’s part two of my Reformation Sunday Power Point presentation on the life of Martin Luther. The previous post included biographical information about Luther; this portion of the presentation attempts to summarize the themes of the five Solas of the Reformation. This part of the presentation I did not have time to present to the church, so there is no commentary to accompany the slides. I hope their contents are self explanatory.


4 responses

  1. Captain, if that too is a powerpoint, would you kindly send it?


  2. This is the second half of the Power Point presentation I already sent you. You should already have this material. But thanks for the continuing interest.

  3. wow

    it is all there.

    See, how stupid!

    it is amazing how it came across differently now that I went back over the “presentation”.

    I think it’s the whistles and bells and twists and fun turns made me doubt if I had it all.

    thanks for sharing!

  4. […] If you prefer, however, you can view the slides and read the text here, and here. […]

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