Together, Everyone Accomplishes More!

My online blogging brother up in Minnesota (actually, he’s a member of Bethlehem Baptist Church, pastored by John Piper), Bob Layton, when he read my recent series on the Lord’s Supper, did some online research of his own that adds a lot of historical material which was somewhat, but not by far, beyond the scope of my series. Bob’s info gives names, dates and places to all of my series’ general references. It’s called, “Welch’s Grape Juice, Worldly Wisdom, and Wine.” It’s a great read and collection of informative links!

It’s pretty amazing reading when you think of the impact of one man’s efforts to introduce an extrabiblical tradition to the Evangelical movement! Posted by Picasa


4 responses

  1. Fundamentally Reformed | Reply

    Bob Layton, who’s that?

    I go by Bob Hayton!

  2. As a recovering Fundy Baptist now, Reformed and Presbyterian, let me say… the discussion on Wine was greatness. Bob, loved it. John, loved it.


    Gage Browning

  3. John D. Chitty | Reply


    I thought you’d enjoy having your own alter ego, like I’ve got!

    Just kidding, sorry about the type-o!

  4. John D. Chitty | Reply


    And I’m really benefiting from your series on eldership.

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