Theological and Doxological Meditation #13

The Fall

Q. Did our first parents continue in the estate wherein they were created?

A. Our first parents, being left to the freedom of their own will, fell from the estate wherein they were created, by sinning against God (Genesis 3:6-8; Ecclesiastes 7:29).

With Tears of Anguish I Lament
Samuel Stennett (1727-1795)

With tears of anguish I lament
here at thy feet, my God
my passion, pride and discontent
and vile ingratitude

Sure there was ne’er a heart so base
so false as mine has been
so faithless to its promises
so prone to ev’ry sin

My reason tells me thy commands
are holy, just and true
tells me whate’er my God demands
is his most righteous due

Reason I hear, her counsels weigh
and all here words approve
but still I find it hard t’obey
and harder yet to love

How long, dear Savior, shall I feel
these strugglings in my breast?
When wilt thou bow my stubborn will,
and give my conscience rest?

Break, sov’reign grace, O break the charm
and set the captive free
reveal, Almighty god, thine arm
and haste to rescue me.


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