The Misadventures of Captain Headknowledge

I thought I’d kick it off with a few comments as to my blogging identity.

Growing up an Independent, Fundamental Baptist, I heard innumerable sermons about “missing heaven by 18 inches.” For those of you for whom this is a new concept, it’s a reference to the distance between your head and your heart. If you only learn about Jesus, you’ve got “headknowledge”, but if you trust Jesus, you’ve got “heartknowlede” so the typical sermon goes.

As I grew, I developed an insatiable thirst to learn about theology, which forced my horizons to expand until one day I had to admit, “you know, I just don’t believe this stuff.” The stuff I referred to was fundamentalist KJV onlyism, not the Christian faith.

In my IFB environment, I was inundated with the worldview I call “Soul-winning over Scholarship” so with my finely tuned sarcastic wit, I devised the alter ego, Captain Headknowledge, the “super” hero who, whenever called upon to give someone spiritual counsel or the like, is so encumbered with Bible Trivia, he just can’t seem to make a spiritual difference. Oh well, all my righteous works are filthy rags! May Christ be glorified by the correspondence on this page.

Soli Deo Gloria!


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