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How Christ Restored the Gospel to His Church

I’ve added a link to the top of my sidebar to the right. It links to Post Tenebras Lux, the website of Dr. Thomas R. Browning, Assistant Pastor of Grace Community Presbyterian Church in Fort Worth, Texas. At his site is a lecture series about the life and ministry of Martin Luther and the story of the beginning […]

Full Confidence Conference Photo Gallery

The folks at the Full Confidence Conference didn’t know they had a representative from the shallow end of the Refomred blogosphere covering them until I stuck my camera in their faces. When the audio of the messages are made available, I’ll provide summaries and links, but for now, here are a few photos of some […]

Better Than Thanksgiving Day Football (If You’re Me, That Is…)!

As many of you know, and a few others may be disappointed to learn, I’m a life-long Independent Baptist (though currently a member of a Southern Baptist church, by God’s wise and inscrutable providence) who has adopted Presbyterian views. That includes the Presbyterian view of infant baptism. Ever since having adopted this view, in the interests of “givning […]

What’s in the Captain’s iPod This Week?

I don’t see anybody doing this anymore, but now that I’ve got an iPod, I thought I’d take a stab from time to time at promoting some of my favorite sources of Reformed broadcasting and webcasting. This way, all the “True Believers”* out there can listen to what Captain Headknowledge listens to, too! White Horse Inn, […]

What Illuminates Your Path?

Mark Dever, pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D. C., the successor to Dr. Carl F. H. Henry, founder of 9Marks Ministries, and speaker at bi-annual “Together for the Gospel” conferences, has written a great post on “The Bondage of Guidance,” in which he bursts the bubble of those who don’t realize that waiting […]

Roman Truths

Before I elaborate on my “Roman Truths,” please allow me to defend myself with the following quote of Martin Luther on the Book of Romans cited by Dr. Tom Browning on page 3 in the introduction to his series of lessons on “The Pinnacle of Christian Doctrine.” Browning writes that Luther writes:   This epistle […]

The Pelagian Drinking Song

Several years ago, back when I worked at “The Reformation Station,” Dr. Tom Browning taught a series  on “The History of the Doctrine of Justification” (which I hear will be available in the future from his website!) at Arlington Presbyterian Church, Arlington, Texas. One of the lessons was on the debate between Augustine and Pelagius over […]

Why Weekly Communion?

A few years ago, the church Dr. Tom Browning used to serve as Associate Pastor, lead their congregation to adopt the practice of weekly communion. Following is the text of a brochure that was printed to make the case for weekly communion in a series of concise statements, referring to the relevant Scriptures and historical […]

Spirit Empowered Preaching

A few years ago, when I was working at the Reformation Station (for the reason for this name, read this link), my friend, Gage Browning let me listen to some tapes of a “Bunyan Conference” which included the preaching of Art Azurdia. He preached three great sermons on preaching, called “Foolish Message“, “Foolish Method“, Foolish […]

From Rasict Ruckmanism to Reformed Theology

  I just saw a great Day of Discovery program on television. The month of February is Black History Month. This month was selected because it contains the birthdays of both Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln. I’ve been noticing that Day of Discovery has been observing this by airing several of their programs which feature […]

When Bad Church Government is Combined with Bad Church Leaders

My friend, Gage Browning, frequently repeats to me what he heard from an experienced man of God, whose name currently slips my mind. If I were to guess, it was probably a professor at Dallas Theological Seminary under whom his father, Dr. Thomas R. Browning, studied. But that’s just a guess. The quote goes something […]

"And God saw that the light was good."

  Perhaps you’ve noticed over the past several weeks on my sidebar a link to a website that was in the works. This morning I checked the link and noticed they’re getting a lot closer. We’re not yet able to download anything, but we are given a glimpse of the good things to come. Just […]

Blogging on the road–don’t have much time. But he…

Blogging on the road–don’t have much time. But here’s some really concise outlines on the life of Martin Luther from Third Millennium Ministries! I’m sure it corrects many of the details of my own presentation of a couple of years ago, the way Gage Browning’s dad, Dr. Tom Browning’s series on the History of the […]

True Experimental Calvinism: Chosen Without the Frozen, Part 2

The following is the response to my previous post, “Chosen without the Frozen,” by my friend, Gage Browning. Spending time over at his blog, “experimental calvinism,” which may be linked to by clicking on the title above, is highly recommended. True Religionby guest blogger, Gage Browning! Is Religion itself a bad thing? I have heard […]

Chosen Without the Frozen

Today I’m posting an article from “Plain Truth” magazine, published by the now Evangelical Worldwide Church of God (dare I say it?) denomination. Now that they’ve repented of their Hebert W. Armstrongism, with its British-Israelism and whatever other kooky ideas they espoused, they use their magazine to promote what they call (in, unfortunately characteristic American […]