The Virgin Birth of Christ

As the librarian at Mid-Cities Presbyterian Church in Bedford, TX, I usually cut and paste together a post from descriptions and bios already written by others, while attempting to give sufficient credit. The book description in this post is derived by myself from both prefaces to the book and a summary of the table of contents. The biography is my artful weaving together of Dr. Darryl Hart’s bio at with Machen’s entry at Britannica online, because Machen was a significant enough figure to warrant an entry in the encyclopedia! I’m reblogging it here because I’m especially satisfied with how this post turned out.

Mid-Cities Presbyterian Church Library

Cover Virgin Birth of ChristBook Description

In the spring of 1927, Dr. J. Gresham Machen delivered the Thomas Smyth Lectures at Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, Georgia, about the virgin birth of Christ. The content of these lectures comprise the substance of his book, The Virgin Birth of Christ, which was first published in 1930 by Harper & Row Publishers, and reprinted seven times with special permission between 1965 and 1980 by Baker Book House. Additional supplementary material was also drawn from a number of Machen’s articles published in the Princeton Theological Review—”The Virgin Birth in the Second Century,” “The Hymns of the First Chapter of Luke,” and “The Origin of the First Two Chapters of Luke,” which appeared in 1912, and “The Integrity of the Lucan Narrative of the Annunciation,” which appeared in 1927.

The first eleven chapters attempt to demonstrate that the virgin birth of Christ is a historical fact…

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