Join My Red Kettle Team

I don’t blog much about politics, and that is by design. However, I do follow a particular conservative radio talk show called Bill Bennett’s Morning in America. It airs live between 6-9am Eastern on the Salem Radio network. Many of you are aware of Dr. Bill Bennett, he has a degree in Philosophy, is an educator, was Ronald Reagan’s Secretary of Education, George H. W. Bush’s Drug Czar, and ever since has been involved with his wife and others in efforts to improve education and has participated in a number of politically conservative think tanks such as the Heritage Foundation and most recently, the Claremont Institute. Finally, he is the author of many books, most notably The Book of Virtues, a three volume American history called America: The Last Best Hope   (volumes 1 & 2) along with A Century Turns (volume 3 of the series) and most recently a title on manhood called The Book of Man 

Dr. Bennett’s radio show distinguishes itself by the depth and breadth of his experience inside the Beltway, and the tone of his discussion striving to embody the virtues of “Intelligence, Candor and Good Will.” While many of us have appreciated the work of other conservative hosts like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, among others, there is a marked difference in Dr. Bennett’s approach that is refreshing and almost ennobling.

This Christmas season, I have decided to join Dr. Bennett in his effort to raise money for the Salvation Army; therefore, I have joined “Bill Bennett’s Online Red Kettle Team.” He’s attempting to raise $50,000. Under the umbrella of his Kettle Team, I have started a page for my own Red Kettle Team, which has a goal of raising $300 from the readers of this blog. I’ve stuck my neck out that we at The Misadventures of Captain Headknowledge are going to demonstrate our “heart knowledge” of the Lord Jesus Christ by giving to those in need out of our gratitude for Christ’s gift of himself for us and our salvation. So far, I’ve sweetened the pot with a $25 donation. Would you please join me in providing assistance to those in need this Christmas season? Just click on this link to go to my Red Kettle Page and make a donation, or click on the red link at the top of the sidebar to the right of this post, above the portrait of Captain Headknowledge. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

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